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T W O   B I R D S 

Two Birds is a wall hung shelf with a decorative front panel.

At the dawn of lockdown, as time slowed down I started crafting this time consuming object, inspired by a memory of my grandmothers blue christmas plates.

She collected a plate each year. As a kid I thought it was rather odd to have plates on the kitchen wall but they stuck in my mind as one the clearest memories of decoration, and I suppose triggered me to make my version of something ‘collectible’ or decorative for the wall.

The intricate making process begins with laminating walnut veneers in a former-press, that is perfected to press the veneers around the tight radius without snapping.

Then the marquetry panel is then fiddled and fitted.

D: 80mm  W: 470mm  H: 130mmm

Wood:  Walnut  

Guide Price £230 

The shelf can be made with bespoke panel to suit requirement.
Prices will adjust accordingly.
Contact for a PDF or more information.