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S C U L P T U R E   S P O O N S 

I call them spoons but there is very little spoon about them.
They stand tall with long stems and small awkwardly shaped heads. Hand carved from various species of wood that come in my reach.

I didn’t start spoon carving with the intention to become a spoon carver or make anything particularly useful either. It was a study of shape and form. As they stood up they left the utilitarian spectrum and  constituted something else, that was more than a spoon. The act of a standing spoon represents the reason why I had started spoon carving in the first place, exploring sculptural qualities with my work.

Each spoon is its own and they may serve you with a ritual gesture of drizzling spices, sprinkling sugar, serving dessert but more likely they just stand in the window like a bucket of flowers would do, with the sole purpose of being looked at.

Avaible Sculpture Spoons in shop. Sold as a first come first serve basis.
The release dates of new spoons @ellen.svenningesen.