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W O R K S  
Handmade Furniture and Objects 
 The works are built to last from locally sourced or reclaimed wood. I use traditional craftsmanship and craft throughout history as a source of inspiration and pursue balance between the utilitarian and sculptural. All pieces are made from start to finish in my workshop in St. Leonard’s on Sea, UK, either as a bespoke order or in small batches. I am happy to evolve on existing pieces to suit site specific.

Build to order pieces will have various lead times, please contact Svenningsen.studios or 0791851375 to inquire. Available pieces can be found in the shop.

N E W  D E S I G N
coming soon

N E W  D E S I G N 
coming soon

J O R D A N ‘ S  S T O O L  
E N D G R A I N  B O A R D ‘ S 

S C U L P T U R E   S P O O N S   

O F F  C U T  S T O O L’ S 

M U M ‘ S  C A B I N E T    
R O B ‘ S C A B I N E T